Tuesday, June 28, 2011

time's getting away from meeeee

hello blogging world! sorry i've totally sucked this summer. whoops. so let's recap.

the week before Memorial Day, my sister & I visited my grandfather's in Nags Head.  this is a big deal since we don't typically get along very well. but we survived. the weather was great & it was wonderful to get some major sun before the pool opened.  the only negative were the flies - we went through an entire bottle of bugs spray in 2 days!

and then, the pool opened. hello, end of summer. i worked 43 hours the first week it was opened.  it was a little intense. plus, we had all of my kelsey's graduation festivities.  and by all, i mean all. it was a little crazy those couple of weeks.  we had family in for graduation, worked after-grad & then guarded all before leaving for a week in Disney. 

this was trip #7 to the happiest place on earth for us.  needless to say, it made me feel REAL old with all the little children running around.  but it was still fun, a little hot, but we did a lot.  i even rode some new rides! one would think that after 6 times, i would've ridden everything possible to ride, but i guess i'm getting a little more courageous as i've gotten older.  (slash, can be tricked into things easier...you should see the pic from me on Rockin' Rollercoaster....legit scared) 

we were back for a week - revolving around matt's baseball - before i got my wisdom teeth out yesterday.  not too bad at all since they weren't impacted.  no chipmunk cheek status, but i have a busted bottom lip that looks like i lost a fight. oh well, could be worse.

so basically, that's been the first month of summer. and it as definitely flown by.  ahhhh. hopefully i won't suck as badly the rest of the summer.