Sunday, April 10, 2011

the art of falling.

If only I got paid for falling, being clumsy, or seriously injuring myself, I'd never EVER have to work again.  They say that dancers use all of their grace on stage.  If anyone epitomizes that, it'd be me.  My picture probably belongs in the dictionary beside the word "clumsy" or opposite the word "graceful" in the thesaurus.  One would think that after 13 years of dancing, I'd be able to walk. Yeah, I guess I missed that childhood lesson.  Pretty sure my parents have come to expect that when they get a phone call at a random time, it's probably because I've hurt myself.  And not just some little bruise.  But needing stitches from falling up stairs, totally scrapping up both legs from falling down stairs, and just straight falling walking into school resulting in X-Rays.  Totally my life.  Definitely don't do it on purpose.  The most recent injury has resulted in a hand swollen to a "hulk hand" as one of my roommates most aptly called it, also requiring me to type this one handed. Definitely not encouraging the whole typing a paper thing. Whoops. But like I said, it's typical. Maybe someday I'll learn to be graceful.  But that's unlikely.

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