Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my favorite things.

Nothing too exciting has been going on in this "blog-worthy" life with the stress of the end of the semester. But these past couple of days have had some of my all time favorite things.

1. Panera & a movie night.
Friday night after a quick stop-in at a slightly chilly Relay and a run in Panera, a night in to watch movies with a friend was perfect! Not that I made it too long through the movie, but 27 Dresses is one of the best ones out there and Panera's on the top 5 favorite restaurants, so an awesome start to my list.

Yes, I know it was just a scrimmage. But it was the last one of spring practices, which means football season is close! I cannot describe how excited I am for this season. Saturday was made even better by the fact that my sister, a future Hokie, rode up to come to the game. We walked around campus for a while, but she's pretty familiar with Tech, considering she's basically been coming since birth.  I did take her to West End for lunch, where she was overwhelmed, but I'm sure she'll adjust quickly :). We meet up with some ADPis & got ready for some football!

3. Driving with the windows down. especially blaring country music.
Kels & I had a great drive back to Lynchburg after the game, blaring some country with the windows down. I don't typically listen to country, but it's definitely a summertime thing.  And summer's right around the corner!

4. Home-cooked food.
I love to cook & have a full kitchen this year so I definitely could, but that doesn't really happen. So I love the food my Mom cooks so a weekend full of good food is always a favorite.  And, with it being Easter, I got some of my grandmother's good food too!

5. History.
Yes, I am a nerd. I was able to attend the Panhellenic Council's Recognition dinner for Dr. Robertson, a Civil War professor here at Virginia Tech who is retiring at the end of the semester.  He has been in Blacksburg since 1967, teaching for 43 years! It was an incredible experience to sit across the table from the man who's class has been filled each semester.  Definitely my favorite class I've taken so far & I'm not sure any will surpass it.  This university will definitely miss him!

I think I'm all favorited out.  Hehehehe

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