Monday, April 18, 2011

how do you know?

I had an absolutely wonderful & very much needed relaxing weekend at home.  I got to go to la carreta, my all time favorite restaurant, AND see one of my brother's baseball games.  Even though they lost, it was great to see some of my high school friends who had also come home for the weekend.  It's kind of sad that I see these guys more at home than I do at school - even though they also go to Tech.  I'm totally fine with it, that's why I'm glad I picked such a big school, but these friends are the kind that never really left high school.  Both of them applied to Tech early decision our senior year & were ecstatic when they got in.  But now - one's dropped out and the other is transferring. Why? How can you go from being so excited and in to going to a place and then hate it? I, on the other hand, wasn't 100% sure about Virginia Tech. It was too big. Too close to home. Too many friends from high school went there. But now, I'm 100% sure I couldn't be anywhere else.  

This is all kind of hitting me this week.  It's high school spring break.  Also known as the busiest two weeks of the year to the Hokie Ambassadors. Today, over 1650 people went on tours. INSANE. And it was just day 1.  High school students from 10th graders, who are just getting started in their college searches, to seniors, who are down to the last two weeks before they have to decide.  And I'm somewhat responsible for the potentially 120ish [ahhhhhhhh] people I could give tours to during the next two weeks.  What I say could impact their decision.  Only a little bit of pressure.  I mean, I love Virginia Tech.  I love the campus, the community, the football team, the professors (at least, most of them), the drillfield....legit, could go on for days about everything I love about this place.  But I don't have days.  I have an hour to convince however many people that Tech is the place for them. Or maybe a place they could see themselves.  Definitely don't expect every single person coming on tours over these next few weeks to end up here - but I don't want to be the reason they don't.  So, needless to say, I will be brushing up on the dates, random facts, important facts, and thinking about every single reason why I love Virginia Tech so I can give the best possible, most convincing tours ever. And hopefully the Class of 2015 will learn to love Tech just as much.

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