Friday, April 8, 2011

my back-up plan.

It's a well-known fact that I make some pretty mean snickerdoodles.  I may or may not make them so often that I have the recipe memorized. Whoops. Who knows. Maybe knowing a cookie recipe on the spot will come in handy sometime. Or, it can just be the back-up plan.

If for some reason the whole teaching history thing doesn't work out, I'm fairly confident I could open a bakery (insert cute and adorable bakery name here) and sell snickerdoodles.  I mean, I'd probably have to expand my expertise a little.  But we all know the "Blanks chocolate chip cookie curse" could be my downfall, so maybe I'd just stick to what I know.  And I'd have to hire somebody to handle the business aspect of owning a bakery since I can barely handle college intro economics classes.  But that's what business majors are for.

Or maybe, I'll just save the snickerdoodle making for fun nights watching Say Yes to the Dress with friends, eating dough, planning our dream weddings, eating dough, designing our wedding dresses, eating the actual cookies, and then spending the rest of the night regretting the calories, but enjoying it all the same.

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